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At LDN Global Markets, we strongly believe that Some Forex traders fail because they try to run even before they can walk. You may be passionate about trading Forex, but that does not mean that jumping headfirst into the trading will do you any good. Like all other professions, Forex needs training too. A period of theoretical education followed by a period of apprenticeship is what makes traders market ready.‏With LDN Global Markets, you will explore the importance of education and how it can be the defining factor for a successful trader.


With the abundance of Forex brokers in the market, traders are spoilt for choice to decide for best cost of trade and best returns on their investment.
This is where LDN Global Markets strives to stand out by going to the distance to offer our clients direct access to inter-bank deep pools of FIRM liquidity, tight spreads, fast and quality execution, and exceptional customer service. With our matching engines and data centers globally (LD4, Ty3, NY3, SG1) we can guarantee the lowest spreads and unmatched executions with low latency (9 to 12 milliseconds)
Our services for professionals and active traders, new traders and money managers are based on the following main principles.