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At LDN Global Markets, we firmly believe that Some Forex traders fail because they try to run even before they can walk. You may be passionate about trading Forex, but that does not mean that jumping headfirst into the trading will do you any good. Like all other professions, Forex needs training, too. A period of theoretical education followed by a period of apprenticeship makes traders market-ready.‏ With LDN Global Markets, you will explore the importance of education and how it can be the defining factor for a successful trader.

Why Trading Is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Have you ever wondered why accountants make more money than menial workers? And why do doctors make more money than these accountants? Well, the answer is simple!

The amount of money a job pays is directly proportional to the time and effort spent to acquire the skills necessary to perform it.

While rapid data analysis and decisive action are crucial for success in many fields, their importance shines especially bright in the fast-paced world of online Forex trading. Skilled traders sift through vast data streams, identifying trends and making lightning-fast decisions honed through tireless practice and strategic development. Just like with any other endeavor, rich rewards in Forex come only after dedicated effort and continuous skill refinement.

LDN Global Market’s mission is to create the best and most transparent trading environment for retail and institutional clients, allowing traders to focus more on their trading. We are dedicated to providing all our clients with a reliable and affordable service of the highest quality with a personal and confidential approach, regardless of experience or investment size. We have traders’ interests at our core and ensure we continually meet their individual needs as the markets evolve.

The Best Online Courses for Trading

At LDN Global Markets, we believe that a novice Forex trader must invest in Forex courses and education. Our online training aims to help traders at every level, so even if you still think you have the necessary skills to trade, our practices will give you more insights on how to benefit from using additional tools to help you increase your profits. The money spent here is not an expense; it is an investment. Combined with your dedication and skill, it will pay rich dividends in the future.

The Basics of Forex Trading: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for expert Forex trading education without the hefty price tag? Ditch prohibitively expensive classroom courses taught by high-priced gurus. LDN Global Markets brings you free, high-quality online courses every week. Dive into a blend of pre-recorded lectures and live trading sessions delivered by seasoned mentors. They also benefit from interactive doubt-solving and exclusive seminars led by experts.


Why choose to trade with LDN Global Markets?

With the abundance of Forex brokers in the market, traders are spoilt for choice to decide on the best cost of trade and best returns on their investment. This is where LDN Global Markets strives to stand out by going the distance to offer our clients direct access to inter-bank deep pools of FIRM liquidity, tight spreads, fast and quality execution, and exceptional customer service. With our matching engines and data centres globally (LD4, TY3, NY3, SG1), we can guarantee the lowest spreads and unmatched executions with low latency (9 to 12 milliseconds). Our services are provided for professionals, active traders, new traders, and money managers based on the following main principles.

Save Money on Your Trades

Our trading model provides clients with transparent execution and very competitive multi-bank bid/offer spreads where you can get spreads as low as 0.0. We are constantly investing in technology and building strong relationships with the most reliable liquidity providers to provide our clients with the best possible trading conditions and leverage the excellent relationship we built over the years with our Prime Liquidity providers.

Swap-Free Accounts for Muslim Traders

LDN Global Markets offers its clients interest-free accounts according to their religious beliefs or for clients who use trading systems that do not take into account the impact of Swaps. These Swap Free/Roll Over fee-free accounts are termed ‘Islamic Accounts’, and when trading on the swap-free account with any currency pair, a trader does not gain or lose any amount regardless of the position volume. Even keeping the trade open for a long time (T&C apply), a trader can be sure that only the exchange rate will affect the trade outcome.

Trade with No Restrictions

LDN Global Markets trading environment has been created with traders in mind, as no forex trading strategies are restricted. Our leading trading conditions allow our clients to maximise markets by allowing Hedging, Scalping, and automated trading EAs.

Minimum Deposits for Trading

At LDN Global Markets, we understand that not all new traders are ready to take huge risks with their investment, and hence we offer our clients to start trading with as little as $100 by utilising our bronze account upon request. This facility is even used by many of our prospective clients to check our trading conditions before investing more significant sums. One of the most beneficial reasons to trade with LDN is that we offer free personalised Training from awarded and highly recognised Trading Professors and mentors.
At LDN Global Markets, we understand that every trader is unique, and as per this philosophy, we tend to offer various training solutions as per client needs. We provide special one-to-one training, seminars, and webinars for a large number of clients to make our clients better understand the markets fully and maximise their profits on their investment.

Trade with Confidence: No Re-quotes Guaranteed

Orders are executed instantly without passing through any third party or dealing desk. This execution type guarantees that all trades will never experience re-quotes or manipulation. Dedicated connection to our liquidity providers ensures the lowest latency and fastest possible trade execution for our clients. Our trading model eliminates conflicts of interest in other dealing desk platforms. We do not take positions against our clients; we fill clients’ orders from the best bid/offer prices from our liquidity providers with 100% access to actual market conditions.

Confidentiality is Our Top Priority

LDN Global Markets maintains appropriate controls and monitors the transfer of confidential and sensitive client information within and outside the Company on a need-to-know basis. LDN Global Markets does not deliberately disclose client information unless this is upon the client’s request or as required to do so by law.



LDN Global Markets strives to offer you the best possible customer service and support. Our multilingual team of professionals has significant experience within the forex industry, so they understand what traders want and need. You can trade confidently, knowing that the LDN Global Markets team will always help you. Professionalism, experience, and practical knowledge in financial and currency markets make our employees the best guarantee of exceptionally sound professional decisions, which can help maximise our clients’ trading experience with us.


Here at LDN Global Markets, we fully understand that successful traders must focus all their attention on their trading rather than worrying about the safety of their funds. For this reason, we have taken additional measures to ensure adequate security for your funds.
The LDN Global Markets brand has become a global leader in online trading, specialising in forex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, spot metals, and indices. Our client fund security has been a part of our philosophy and DNA, alongside unmatched trading conditions and customer support. With global recognition for excellence, a solid reputation, and multi-award-winning services, our clients are and will always rest assured that their funds are held securely.
Clients’ funds are received into bank accounts separate from the company. These funds are off the balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of a default of the Company.


Volatility often happens in the financial markets. The negative balance protection of LDN Global Markets’ policy means that even in highly volatile conditions, when margin calls, and stop-outs do not function correctly for some technical or mostly market conditions reasons, no client is responsible for paying back a negative balance.


LDN Global Markets monitors continually, identifies, and assesses all possible types of risk associated with its operations. i.e., continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the policies, arrangements, and procedures in place and their implementations, allowing us to easily cover the financial needs and capital requirements at any given time.

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